HR4521 Update

Here is an update from the Pet Advocacy network which was formally known as PIJAC. Bill Jones switched their name as of last Tuesday just so you are all aware of the change. Please feel free to send this to anyone and everyone you can! I have already sent my response in! As expected, the Senate has amended HR4521 replacing the House’s language with the Senate’s USICA language (S1260) and sent HR4521 back to the House as of Monday, March 28th. This sets up the next steps for a conference committee. Lacey Act campaign We are now asking you to reach out to your US Representative and Senators to let them know you oppose amendments to Lacey in any version of a bill that comes out

10 Charged for Illegally Trafficking Corals from the Philippines

From the United States Attorneys Office Website. Keep Reading to learn more. You may know some of these people mentioned below. 10 Charged for Illegally Trafficking Corals from the Philippines ANCHORAGE – A federal grand jury in Alaska indicted three men on felony charges and seven additional individuals on misdemeanor charges related to violations of the Lacey Act and smuggling protected marine corals from the Philippines into the United States for retail sale. According to court documents, Jerome Anthony Stringfield, 43 of Kissimmee, Florida; Albert B. Correira, 35, of Westport, Massachusetts; and Allen William Ockey, 35, of Long Beach, California, are each charged with felony violations of conspiracy, violations of the Lacey Act and smuggling of corals from the Philippines. In separate filings, the following individuals are each charged with misdemeanor

DIY Coral Auto Feeder – Reef Beef

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Red Sea Raises the bar with its new Reefer G2 Series Reef Tanks

Red Sea has been busy lately with the introduction of new aquarium products. Red Sea has been known for aquarium additives, test kits and salt mix, Max Series aquariums. Later the Reefer series aquariums were added. Later three protein skimmer models following, ReefWave Gyre style wavemakers, 3 different LED fixture models and two dosing pump models, and coming this month, the ReefMat fleece filters will begin shipping to authorized Red Sea dealers. And each of these newer devices can be controlled via the RedSea ReefBeat App. The Reefer tanks were recently on sale and now we know why. RedSea was making room in preparation for the launch of their second generation lineup. The G2 series features a revamp of all the Reefer series models including the newer Reefer

Reef Beef Episode 52- Herbivores are the Answer

Herbivores are the Answer - Episode 52 In this episode we talk about Across eating flatworms, in-person shows, algae, herbivores, and plastic! Thank you to our sponsors: Powered by PolypLab: Saltwater Aquarium: The Veterans, Military, and Civil Service Discount program is now Open to Healthcare Workers. - Their loyalty program includes 5% Back via Reward points and Freebies #AquariumICP #AcroEatingFlatworms #ReefBeef Links: Get notified of new episodes by receiving an email from Reef Beef! Buy Reef Beef a Beer! Become a Member: Time Stamps 00:00:00 Intro 00:01:20 What is going on Ben? 00:05:09 What is going on Rich? 00:08:47 SPONSOR: 00:11:31 Rich’s Acro Eating Flatworms 00:27:50 Act immediately 00:37:52 SPONSOR: PolypLab 00:39:46 Algae & Herbivores 00:47:32 Rich & ICP 00:51:34 Algae Part 2 00:59:23 In Situ Reefs 01:10:37 Rich’s Beef 01:11:44 In-Person Shows 01:15:06 Become a Member 01:16:13 Wrap Up 01:16:52 Bloopers