Mutant White Yellow Tang Shows Up at Pacific Island Aquatics

Here’s a totally awesome fish. Pacific Island Aquatics recently showed off this amazing aberrant yellow tang, which sports a large amount of white coloration instead of the normal solid yellow we’re so accustomed to. According to information posted on Reef2Reef, the fish was collected off the south side of Kona and tips the scales at just 4.5″ in length. This is about the average size for yellow tang sold in the aquarium hobby, if not a little bit larger, but it’s one of the smallest aberrant tangs collected. This makes it far more appealing than those huge aberrant tangs we normally see.The tang will be listed at $1500 (originally $2000), but PIA is entertaining reasonable offers. This is a pretty typical price for yellow tangs with this coloration.It should be noted that this is not an albino yellow tang. Rather, it is technically a leucistic yellow tang, meaning it’s simply lacking some of its natural pigmentation. This genetic condition results in the fish exhibiting significant white coloration, and in this case a small amount of yellow on its fins and random patches on its body.

This Glittery Goniopora is the Best Looking Yet

The LPS scene was dominated by green goniopora for decades. They were just so commonplace that everyone had them, or at least tried them out in their reef with mixed results. Then, along came the bright red ones and everyone was like, “ooohhh, ahhhh”. These red gonis have since dominated, as they sported vibrant reddish pink colors and occasionally a blue disc atop their tentacles. While both of those morphs are fine and all, but there’s a new color morph on the block that is set to put all others to shame. It’s a sparkling, glittery red goni, and it is amazing.This stunning piece features reddish, almost copper colored tentacles that are infused with glitter and punctuated with those hypnotic yellow eyes.

Reef2Reef 2012 Toys for Kids Donation Drive

It's that time of year again. Christmas is right around the corner, but the unfortunate reality is many children will find empty stockings. Reef2Reef is once again seeking donations from reefkeepers to purchase toys for children in need. Advanced Aquarist readers proved their generosity last year, and we call on aquarists once again to open your wallets and hearts to help brighten a child's holiday.

Reef2Reef’s Toys for Kids Christmas 2011 

The community needs your help. They are collecting donations for their annual toy drive. If giving for a good cause is not enough motivation, Marineland has also graciously donated a $750 24" Marineland PRO MH/T5/LED Lighting System to raffle away to one lucky donor.