Salty Q&A: Can Powerheads Be Concealed in Rockwork?

Ensuring proper flow in your aquarium should be the number one priority, then aestheticsQuestionI have a new 60-gallon reef tank, and I’m using two powerheads to provide water circulation. One is mounted in the upper right-hand corner of the tank near the back and the other is in the lower left-hand corner near the front. My problem is, while the powerheads are providing good water flow, I hate the look of them. To my eye, they stand out like a sore thumb, and I want my tank to look as naturalistic as possible. Is there any reason I can’t hide them in the rocks?” – Submitted by Amir Answer Thanks for your question, Amir. It is possible to conceal powerheads among the rockwork in a reef system, but before attempting to do so, you’ll need to consider each of the following important points: Proper flow trumps aesthetics Good water circulation is absolutely essential in a reef system, so any aesthetic consideration with respect to powerheads should come in a very distant second to the flow they provide. Keep in mind that hiding powerheads in rockwork can easily limit their output if you’re not careful in their placement. If you’re unable to achieve the desired water movement with the powerheads tucked away behind rocks, it’s better to leave them out in the open.