Nano Tank Profile: Colorful & Hardy Corallimorphs

Recently, a  new hobbyist asked me to provide recommendations for a simple, hardy system with low energy consumption.  Many are interested in these types of systems due to increased costs in today’s economy, but they still desire the joys this hobby...

Featured Coral – WWC Rhodactis Shroom

With Reef-A-Palooza almost upon us, I thought it would be a good idea to feature a WYSIWYG coral from the folks that put on the New York and Orlando shows, World Wide Corals.  Normally I don’t “ohh and ahh” over a Rhodactis mushroom but this one looks very beautiful, making this our Featured Coral of the Week.  As of today, they only have one Rhodactis like this in stock and WWC is offering it for $129.00. About: The Rhodactis or Bullseye mushroom, as it’s sometimes called, is often seen in violet to blue or with margins and highlights in orange.  What makes this mushroom unique is the rainbow of colors seen in the specimen.  Papillae form a cauliflower-like patterns, and they typically can