Sphoeroides dorsalis, Deep-Sea Puffer

Hi friends, I have a little two inch Sphoeroides dorsalis for you all today which is super similar to the shallow water bandtail puffer that I have sent you all more than once. Unlike the bandtail this guy is found very deep, it’s smaller and is much more colorful than it’s shallow swimming cousin. The bandtails were also very grumpy and hated to be photographed much like this little treasure who was very uncooperative from the start making this photo super hard to take. This was once again found miles off the coast of St. Eustatius in the Caribbean by the Smithsonian Institution using a deep-sea submersible from Substation Curacao.

Liopropoma mowbrayi, Cave Bass

Good morning, I’m having one of those can’t catch up, too much to do weeks and like always these blogs tend to suffer. If you ever see just a photo and no text like yesterday you know I am busy.. This is one of the many super small, colorful, deep-sea basses that high end aquarium collectors go crazy for, this one is called a cave bass or Liopropoma mowbrayi. When I say small, I’m talking around three inches in length and NO these are not babies or juveniles they are in fact full grown adults. These little sea-bass or basslets come in a wide range of beautiful colors and are very reclusive making them very hard to find.

Deep-Sea Scorpionfish, Scorpaena sp

Good morning out there, if your like us your recovering from a long but fun Memorial day weekend. We ate like kings, did a bunch of fun hikes with the dogs, went mountain biking with friends, roller-blading and on and on, wiped out! I have a tiny inch and a half scorpionfish for you all today found by our science friends at  this little museum called the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, maybe you heard of it?? Over the years I have seen so many different species of rare, deep-sea scorpaena sp. come up from the deep and if you all remember one of these species was even named after yours truly, that little fish can be seen by clicking on the link found on the front of my home page

Bathyanthias sp, Small Deep Sea Fish

Good morning out there, I am completely wiped out this morning after doing two big mountain bike rides, one in the morning and one in the evening, combined that’s around four hours worth of hard pedaling. So today I have a little three inch long Bathyanthias sp for today, the “sp.” means this could again be a new species and until our favorite Smithsonian scientists do DNA work they really don’t know. These creatures and fish I post are super rare and most have either only been found dead or are not know yet at all because of the insane depth they come from. Take this guy above for instance , put Bathyanthias sp in your GOOGLE search and very little will come up, why you ask??
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