Seachem aquavitro bond plastic adhesive

Seachem is getting into the rock bonding business with their new aquavitrobond. Aquavitro® bond™ is a unique low melting temperature adhesive plastic. bond™ can be used to secure coral to rockwork or to fuse rockwork together for more stable foundations in reef aquaria. bond™ is completely non toxic and inert with no impact on aquarium chemistry. bond™ has a much lower melting temperature than similar products making it safer and easier to work with. If necessary, bond™ can be reheated and reworked multiple times until desired results are achieved. Like all aquavitro products, bond is only available at independent aquarium retail stores. Bond is currently available in 100 mL, 250 mL, 4L, and 20 L sizes. Respective list prices are $5.04, $10.38, $155.00 and 767.25. Click here to learn more about

aquavitro Live Phytoplankton Coming Soon

Many of you probably know that Seachem is producer of the aquavitro line of aquarium products that is sold exclusively to brick and mortar retail stores but did you know they just came out with two new phytoplankton supplements for your corals? The two new products are called phytogen and triphytogen and they are both live phytoplankton foods for reef aquariums. There are 2 different versions of each food; Phytogen and Triphytogen. Phytogen is a premium concentrated solution of Nannochloropsis phytoplankton.  It is an exceptional feed for corals, clams, various copepods, and filter feeding animals. Phytogen in the standard concentrated version contains 50-100 million cells per milliliter of fluid.  There is also a super-concentrated formula which contains 0.5-1 billion cells per milliliter. aquavitro phytogen Phytogen (and triphytogen) are cultivated

Seachem Phosphate Multitest

Testing for phosphates is very important in the aquarium environment. We have already reviewed ReefStatus Calcium and ReefStatus Magnesium tests, and the results were good; today we’ll take a look at the Seachem phosphate...