Maxspect’s Aeraqua AD600 is One Smart Skimmer

Maxspect may not be reinventing foam fractionation but they have redefined the protein skimmer with its foray into the very competitive protein skimmer market. The Maxspect Aeraqua Duo AD600 Protein Skimmer is the world’s first dual-intake, dual-needle wheel protein skimmer. The skimmer is powered by Maxspect’s Turbine Duo 9K. Like many new pumps, the Duo 9K is a DC controllable pump that offers high performance and near-silent operation. What makes the Duo 9K different is the dual needle wheel and dual intake design but this is just the start of what makes the skimmer so unique. Keep reading below to learn about all other features that make this skimmer worth consideration. Built in float switch For starters, the AD600 has a built-in float