An Unusual Gorgonian

Good morning friends, I have a wild looking gorgonian for you all today that reminded me immediately of Medusa and her wild hair made of snakes! I have never seen a gorgonian that had arms like this, maybe it was because the water was so calm and it felt it could let it’s hair down so to speak. These beautiful flowing underwater soft corals are really incredible and are home to so many different fish and creatures, you could honestly spend a whole dive just searching for all the little animals that are there but are super hidden. I forgot to tell you all yesterday that JOY the black dog we have been fostering (for the second time) finally got a new home.

CORAL Video: Spectacular Softies Reef No music and no Acropora, but this video shows an exceptional home “softie” coral tank with some huge, decades-old colonies. Watch for the Genicanthus pair that appears to be thriving in these surroundings. Credit Aaron Ro 240-gallon soft coral-dominated reef aquarium. Most corals were moved in to this tank in 2006 from other tanks. The oldest pieces are clones of a 30-year-old toadstool, most others are 8-10 years old. Fish currently in the tank: Yellowtail Damsel, Mystery Wrasse, Japanese Masked Angel pair, Banggai Cardinal, Marine Betta.
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