Making Babies by Moonlight

The moon affects the tides and has a connection with migration, mating, and feeding behavior, but what is it that actually affects behavior? A group of animal biologists and chemists at Nagoya University in Japan have identified the pheromone involved that triggers...

Shed Some Varied Light on Your Reef

The pair of yellow wrasses attempting to spawn after the lighting change in my aquariumThe other night, as I was watching the debate on TV, I noticed that my reef tank got darker. Just a little, but it was darker and yellower. I opened the front (it is in a wall) and noticed that half the LEDs were out. “Okay, no problem,” I thought. “I’ll fix it in the morning.” The lights were about to go out anyway. As I watched, I noticed that my pair of fire clowns, which have a love-hate relationship, looked like they wanted to spawn. The larger one was trying to entice the smaller one into a bottle “cave.” The smaller one eventually followed, and the pair spent “time in the bottle” (reminds me of a song), swimming very close to each other, although I couldn’t hear what they were saying.As I was watching the clowns, I couldn’t help noticing that my pair of bright yellow wrasses was also attempting to spawn.