Sustainable Aquatics’ Longfin Clownfish has Longfin Offspring

Last year saw the worldwide debut of one very unique clownfish from Sustainable Aquatics. Dubbed the Longfin Clownfish, this particular individual had the most elaborate finnage we’ve ever seen from an otherwise normal looking Amphiprion percula, and according to a very recent announcement, that trait has been successfully passed down to a whole new generation of longfin clowns. Admittedly, these are some terrible photographs of the fish, which were shared on the Sustainable Aquatics Facebook page, but the fish do show significant signs of the same elaborate finnage that were just so intriguing in their parent. We hope to see a few more images of the “Longfin Jr.” clownfish in the very near future, and while the fins may not be as elaborate, it’s a step in the right direction in getting a whole new type of designer clownfish. The original longfin clownfish is pictured immediately below.

Sustainable Aquatics Shows Off Clownfish with Betta-like Fins

Clownfish come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, but this one is way out there. Recently on their Facebook page, Sustainable Aquatics shared an image of this very unique looking clownfish. The tiny Ocellaris has the typical orange, white, and black coloration, but it also possesses elaborate fins that would look more fitting on a betta fish. According to Sustainable Aquatics, a member of their staff found an odd looking clownfish with unusually long fins that was being harassed by its tankmates. Seeing just how unique the fish was, the staff member relocated the fish so that it could heal from all of its battle wounds. After all, clownfish can be very aggressive toward each other. After some time, the longfin clownfish was eventually paired with a wild-caught female Ocellaris. The hope obviously being that  the longfin trait could be passed down to another generation and potentially blended with other clownfish aberrations to created a whole new genre of designer clown. From the wild Ocellaris x longfin clownfish pairing, an estimated total of 25,000 offspring have been hatched