Aquamaxx Cube

  Small, rimless aquariums have been gaining a lot of attention in the US, and until recently, this branch of aquarium manufacturing was dominated by a single company, and the only other choice was to invest in a custom-made glass...

Nano Jellyfish Tank News

Exciting news from Jellyfish Art!  The Florida company has more than surpassed its $50,000 Kickstarter goal (raising over $300,000 to date!) and will be shipping their new Jellyfish Cylinder Nano just in time for Christmas...

Teco Tank TK 500: The King of Chillers

I tried and tested the new chiller from Teco‘s new Tank Chiller Line – the Teco TK 500 –  throughout last summer and winter, and I hereby proclaim it the king of chillers. Teco previewed its new line of refrigerators at its offices last year, and on...

Early Success with a Halichoeres Wrasse!

Figure 1. Halichoeres melanurus egg on a 1 mm SedgewickRafter cell. Here at the Tropical Aquaculture Lab we’re very fortunate to have the opportunity to work in a field we’re truly passionate about. That passion inspires me to not only work on captive breeding of marine species here at work, but to also explore other fish by working from home. I’m pleased to announce that the first project I’ve taken on as an at-home aquaculturist resulted in the successful captive rearing of the melanurus wrasse, Halichoeres melanurus, using only cultured prey items. Although only a few fish were brought through metamorphosis, survival should be higher when larvae are raised in the controlled environment of a dedicated facility as opposed to the chaos of a household living room. I strongly believe this fish, and others in this genus, will have significant commercial potential. We now have broodstock at the Tropical Aquaculture Lab because of this early success. The work done so far will stand as strong supportive evidence to move forward with other wrasses as well.
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