Introductory Look at the Red Sea ReefWave WiFi Pump

Red Sea is all pumped-up (pun intended) about the launch of their new ReefWave® smart pumps which are slated for release by the end of January 2020. By now many people in the hobby and industry are aware that several manufacturers are striving to offer a soup to nuts approach to reef keeping and that is true with the Red Sea line. In November of last year, Red Sea teased 3 new skimmer models and in July of this year they announced their 1st ever LED fixture (90 watts) and more recently introduced a new 50 watt version for shallow reef tanks; both utilizing the new ReefBeat App. Last week our Red Sea rep dropped by to talk to us about some changes they are making to some of

Has Deadly Blast Fishing Finally Met its Match?

Philippine fisherman Jocel Cabansay uses a bottle of sand to show how illegal fishing makes use of dynamite to catch fish.SOURCE CHRISTOPH SATOR/GETTY When there’s an underwater explosion, “it feels like the entire ocean collapses on you,” longtime diver and environmentalist Terence Lim says. Diving in Malaysia’s waters for 25 years, he has felt the pressure waves from fishermen’s homemade bombs and seen how explosions turn once vibrant reefs into rubble. Though outlawed, this explosive fishing method is common in Southeast Asia and along the Tanzanian coast due to its extreme efficiency. Now, after decades of largely futile attempts to crack down on blast fishing, environmentalists and marine scientists are turning to what they believe could prove the missing link in their efforts: acoustic data

Orphek OR 120 Bar LED Bars at EasternMarine Aquariums

EasternMarine Aquariums is one of the largest marine livestock importers in New Zealand and Orphek has shared information about their setup and decision to use the OR 120 light bars over some of their aquariums. In order to grow and enhance colors fast with both low heat and cost they chose Orphek’s newest launch – The Orphek Bar LED Lights. In the past most coral farms and retail shops typically used T5 fluorescent lighting as their lighting source. But as times have changed so has the technology. After a lengthy testing phase with the OR 120 LED Bars, the lights produced amazing results according to EasternMarine Aquariums. As a result of their testing process, they decided to switch away from T5 lighting and go with the more cost effective