Travel: Waikiki Aquarium

As an avid hobbyist I will always add an aquarium to the destination list of places I visit. I fortunately had a family trip to Hawaii a few years ago.  Hawaii has two aquariums, one of which is the Waikiki Aquarium.…

Rad Reefs on the Big Island of Hawaii

Aloha Mai Kakou, Exploring coastlines and finding underwater creatures has been a passion of mine since childhood.  Growing up in coastal Florida, I kept what I caught locally in home aquariums before landing my high school job at a burgeoning exotic pet store and...

How Sharks can Help the US Military in the Future

(Photo by Cpl. Darien Bjorndal 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit) Could something in shark blood help American soldiers detect invisible, dangerous weapons and defeat them? With advanced senses, sharks can hunt their prey by detecting even the tiniest of traces. Just one drop of blood in an Olympic-sized swimming pool would get the attention of a shark. Now the U.S. military is investigating whether a protein in shark blood can help hunt for chemical and biological weapons and reveal them before they harm military personnel. U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) scientists are using these shark antibodies to create new ways to protect American warfighters against these horrific threats. Funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s Joint Science and Technology Office, the research could lead to

Friends and Family

Involving friends and family with your hobby is on the wish list for many. Rewarding as it is, it can be hard for others to understand your passion entirely.  Having the support of your significant other goes a long way to make your hobby even more rewarding than it already is. Some of my closest friends just happen to be fish nerds just like me.  I met most of them on forums and over the years, we developed a friendship that has it’s roots in a common passion.  I think we all have that well meaning friend that thought your fish seemed extra hungry while you were away, and you came home to a jungle of algae. Friends that are not in the hobby are

Probable Great White Shark Nursery Discovered off Long Island

OCHEARCH, an ocean research organization, has discovered a Great White nursery/birthing site in the North Atlantic, off the coast of Montauk, Long Island. Chris Fischer, the founding chairman of Ocearch (the organization behind the development) told CBS News that they had “definitely [found]the nursery, likely the birthing site.”  The find is “probably the most significant discovery we’ve ever made on the ocean,” Fischer added. Locating sites where North Atlantic great white sharks give birth and raise their young in the North Atlantic can lead to better efforts to protect and better understand these apex predators.  Great White sharks are described as “vulnerable.”  A vulnerable species is one which has been categorized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as likely to
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