Triton Labs Releases CYA-NO Biological Cyanobacteria Treatment

Earlier this week we announced a new in-tank bacterial treatment that treats STN (Slow Tissue Necrosis) and RTN (Rapid Tissue Necrosis) in corals and now Triton Labs is back in the spotlight with a product called CYA-NO. About CYA-NO Anyone who has been in the aquarium hobby for any length of time has probably faced an outbreak of cyanobacteria at one time or another, it can be a very unsightly and a difficult problem to overcome. Unlike most cyanobacteria treatments, CYA-NO is a cyanobacteria inhibitor which aids in preventing the growth of the most common forms of cyanobacteria. CYA-NO works by creating an environment that promotes the development of beneficial organisms that compete with the cyanobacteria and help to slowly shift conditions

STN and RTN in Corals, Not a Cure but Maybe a Life Saver From Triton Labs

Triton Labs has just a new reef safe in tank treatment that can reduce the chances of RTN (Rapid Tissue Necrosis) and STN (Slow Tissue Necrosis) in corals. These 2 newly released products are aptly called RTN-X and STN-X and they are available from Triton Labs distributors, Unique Corals in California and Aqua Specialty Wholesale in South Carolina. They will soon be available from retail stores across the country in the coming days and weeks. What is STN and RTN? Slow Tissue Necrosis (STN) and Rapid Tissue Necrosis (RTN) are two common problems that have become increasingly prevalent in the modern reef aquarium. With the growing popularity of small polyp stony coral (SPS) dominated systems this problem has become disheartening and sometimes expensive for many aquarists