A Closer Look at the New VarioS-8 DC Pump

Back in September of 2016, we stopped by CoralVue’s booth at MACNA to talk with our good friend and part time comedian Ricardo Laso.  At their booth, CoralVue had a slew of new aquarium products on display from IceCap, Giesemann, RLSS, and Reef Octopus. What stood out the most to me was the “tower of power“.  At the bottom of the tower was a relatively small pump, probably a beta or prototype VarioS-8 DC controllable pump. As you can see from the video (see link above), the pump is very powerful but what you may not be able to tell is that the pump is also very quite, making it ideal for home aquarium instillations.  Reef Octopus has been in the testing lab for several months and CoralVue