Ecotech Versa Hands on Review

Little behind-the-scenes story: During the spring of last year, while I was talking to my friends at Ecotech Marine, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they were working on a project called Versa.…

Ecotech Begins Shipping New Versa Dosing Pumps with use on Mobius

Ecotech Marine is one of the most well know and popular brands in the aquarium hobby and they just started shipping their two new Versa dosing pumps. These new dosing pumps will be the first devices used with the new Mobius platform. About Mobius Mobius is a brand new control platform that Ecotech Marine has been hard at work building for several years, and now it is ready for use with the newly released Versa Dosing pumps. Ecotech has planned ahead so you will soon be able to use Mobius with Vortech pumps, Vectra pumps and Radion LED lights but they are being conservative on the roll out so for now, the new Versa pumps will be the only products able to connect to the platform right