EcoSmart Live App Gets Full Fledged VorTech Control

As part of the continued effort to integrate the VorTech pumps into EcoTech Marine’s EcoSmart Live system, an update to the EcoSmart Live app has been released that allows users to control their VorTech pumps via any iOS powered device. Just last month, EcoTech added VorTech control to their Reeflink, for the first time allowing the ReefLink and EcoSmart platforms to live up to their promises of simultaneous wireless control of the Radion XR30w LED fixtures and the popular pumps. The update app has the same look and feel of the previous verions that only offered Radion control, but adds the touch sensitive wheel right alongside the Radion controls. This touch sensitive wheel is dual purpose, allowing the speed of the pump to be adjusted, as well as the flow mode. This app is free to download from Apple’s App Store and an Android friendly version will shortly follow.

Anemones and Water Pumps, a Recipe for Disaster

In recent months, I’ve been toiling away at the nano aquarium, following a rigorous water change and maintenance schedule, and stocking it mostly with a few high end Zoanthids. The goal for this aquarium has been simplicity, since my work and personal schedules are both so hectic. Unfortunately, I couldn’t resist adding a rose bubble tip anemone, which isn’t exactly a difficult invertebrate even for a nano aquarium, but coupled with the type of equipment in the tank, housing the RBTA could (and did) lead to disaster. From the anemone’s introduction, I knew that it could wander all over the tank at will. I was also very aware that it could crawl into my VorTech MP10w water pump. Still, I pressed on. As a precaution, I did reduce the speed of the pump to just a fraction of what it normally operates at. I waited a few days, let the anemone settle in, then ramped up the speed of the pump. Of course, I monitored the anemone’s actions, mostly looking for any sort of movement. The anemone stayed in place, not moving an inch…until one random evening