Waveline Wavepuck II Water Pump

Waveline recently released their 2nd version of water pump. (Whatever happened to the first one?) To be completely honest, I loved their initial design concept from MACNA 2015. It had a incredibly sleek and low profile design, and when the finished product was...

RLSS Transfers US Distribution and Customer Support to CoralVue

Effective immediately CoralVue will be handling distribution of all Reef Life Support Systems (RLSS) products that include is popular protein skimmers and Waveline DC pumps to name a couple.  RLSS has grown in popularity over the last couple of years and RLSS is focusing it’s attention on developing new products like the up and coming Wavepuck. What will this mean for the consumer?  It will mean that parts and products are more consistently and readily available for one.  Also, warranties and replacement parts will no longer be done by the place where you purchased your product from.  These will now be covered though CoralVue and all claims shall be made through CoralVue’s Support Portal. We understand that CoralVue is already expecting a container shipment of parts,

Unboxing The RLSS Wavepuck

We here at AquaNerd have been chomping at the bit to test out and review the Wavepuck pre-production from Daniel Nguyen and his team at RLSS. The Puck itself fits in the palm of your hand and it’s low profile design is a blessing for any aquarium.  We just installed the Wavepuck on one of our 3 foot rimless aquariums and it’s really lifting up some detritus that has settled in the aquarium as a result of not having enough flow in the aquarium.  Below are pictures  of the unboxing and a surprise that you will notice in the last gallery picture.  Do you recognize what that is?  If you guessed it’s Neptune Systems Apex Ready then you would be correct! To learn more about the

Reef Life Support Systems WavePuck

Daniel Nguyen and the guys at Reef Life Support Systems (RLSS) have been working on an exciting new wave maker device known as the WavePuck.  Slightly smaller than a hockey puck, this is the 1st public viewing of the 3D printed prototype.  I first had a sneak peak at the device this past September at MACNA in Washington, DC  but until now I had to keep this information under lockdown until now. Daniel, the owner of RLSS in Canada, has developed a low profile magnetic pivotal wavemaker. At a nominal 1.5″ thick x 3″ footprint, it is now the lowest profile wavemaker device of its kind. Today RLSS announced plans to produce 4 models of the Wave Puck with the 1st model generating a maximum flow rate