Korallen-Zucht CyanoClean Looks to Solve the Red Slime Problem

Korallen-Zucht, the brand behind the ZEOvit dosing method, has an interesting new product about to make its US debut, and it’s one you don’t have to be a total ZEOhead to enjoy. Called CyanoClean, this new liquid is a live bacteria designed to specifically out-compete cyanobacteria in the reef aquarium. The additive contains no antibiotics or cleansing agents, is perfectly reef safe, and is said to not alter the nutrient composition of the tank in a negative way. CyanoClean, which was developed as a companion product to Coral Snow and Zeozym, will be available in 10ml and 50ml sizes for $15.99 and $55.99 respectively. Pre-orders are currently being taken by ZEOvit USA, and should be entering the states in the next two weeks or so. As with all ZEOvit dosing, we highly recommend reading the dosing documentation and taking things slowly. It is a very stringent dosing program that, if not used properly, could have several harmful side effects.