Zoanthids- a photographic journey

Throughout the years that I’ve kept marine aquariums, photography has been the driving force fueling my passion. In fact, one of the main reasons I decided to set up a saltwater tank in the first place was to photograph corals with my (then) newly acquired macro...

Featured Coral: Joe’s Solar Eclipse Zoa

It’s been a while since we’ve had a featured coral of the week and with Reef-A-Palooza Orlando less than week away, we thought it would be nice to feature these Taiwan Zoas that will be available on sale at the Joe the Knows Reefs booth (#612). As you can see from the photo above (as well as the gallery below), Joey Nichols recently acquired some stunning zoanthid polyps from Taiwan.  Considered to be some of the most stunning zoanthid polyps found anywhere, Taiwan zoas come in a variety of colors and color patterns.  Featured this week is the Joe’s Solar Eclipse Zoa and they will be on sale at RAP where $75.00 will get you a 2-3 polyp frag. Joe’s Solar Eclipse Zoas (pictured above)

Featured Coral – Zoanthid

Our Featured Coral of the Week is Red, White(ish) and Blue.  Independence Day is almost here and I thought it would be appropriate to feature a coral ahead of the holiday that has our flags colors in it.  Sometimes referred to by collectors and hobbyists as Firecracker zoanthids or Polish Princes, we really like this Zoa and are curious if any of our readers have this in their zoa collection. Zoanthids are an order of cnidarians called Zoantharia. Commonly seen in shallow coral reefs and at greater depths in several of the worlds oceans and seas.  These coralmorps or false corals are sometimes called soft corals which in actuality is a misnomer.  They are seen in a variety of different colonizing formations and they are available

ReefGen Superduperman Zoanthid

The AquaNerd featured coral of the week originated from a zoa colony collected by ReefGen, called the Superduperman Zoanthid.  These beautiful zoas are brightly colored, very hardy, and grow rapidly once established in the aquarium.  For optimum growth, the Superduperman Zoa  prefers moderate lighting and moderate water flow.  We went to the ReefGen site to locate a price but it appears their site is currently under construction, however we were able to find these for sale at Unique Corals.  For Eight to Ten polyps a nice frag sells for $34.00. Photo by Unique Corals Care: CARE LEVEL:  Intermediate TEMPERAMENT: Semi-Aggressive PLACEMENT: On rock-work or rubble WATER MOVEMENT: Moderate LIGHTING:  Moderate HUSBANDRY NOTES: Unique Corals grows their zoas out under a combination of LED and

Pink Hearts Palythoa

Pink Hearts Palythoa The Pink Hearts Palys are a beautiful morph with red and pink centers and a contrasting skirt.  Pink and red are two of the more less common colors we see in corals so if you are a zoa or paly collector then this one might be one of your favorites after it begins to reproduce in the aquarium. CARE LEVEL:  Easy TEMPERAMENT: Peaceful PLACEMENT: On Rockwork or Rubble WATER MOVEMENT: Moderate LIGHTING:  Moderate to high Pink Hearts Paly HUSBANDRY SIDE NOTES:  The Pink Hearts Paly tends to do well in brighter lighting than many other Palythoa species. Leave room for colony to expand and watch it grow into a nice colony. About Zoanthid and Palythoa Polyps Zoanthids and Palythoa have been extremely popular