Teco E-chill Advanced Fan Cooling Systems Available Summer 2011

The Teco E-chill (photo by Danilo Ronchi, www.danireef.com)

Teco’s E-Chill will be available in 3 models (a single fan, a dual fan, and a triple fan configuration):

E-chill1 suitable for tanks up to 500 liters (130 gallons), consumption of 8W, weight of 0.5 kg (1 lb), and a size of 130×220x200mm (5x9x8″)

E-chill2 suitable for tanks up to 800 liters (210 gallons), consumption of 14W, weight of 0.75 kg (1.5 lb), and a size of 260×220x200mm (10x9x8″)

E-chill3 suitable for tanks up to 1,500 liters (400 gallons), consumption of 20W, weight of 1 kg (2 lb), and a size of 390×220x200mm (15x9x8″)

An optional remote control will also be available.

According to Teco, these fans can save up to 30% of electricity costs compared to operating a chiller alone. Whether or not the E-chill can live up to this assertion will greatly depend on ambient humidity and tempreature since fan-based cooling systems rely on evaporation for their cooling effect.

Visit Danilo’s blog for a lot more photos of the E-Chill line-up.

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