Terence Fugazzi 210 Reef

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Terence Fugazzi 210 Reef

What a great trip to Mountain West Reef Fest, Scott Fellman, Michelle Lemech, Bradley Syphus, and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Terence Fugazzi and his lovely family at his house in Salt Lake City. We went to his house to take a look at one incredible 210-gallon reef system—he set-up back in June of 2010—in his living room.

Incredible Acropora sp.

The tank measures 72”Lx24”Wx30”H made of regular glass. The sump sits directly under the tank and the return pump is a Gen-X PCX-55H (1140 gph) connected externally. As a mechanical filter the sump uses two 100-micron filter socks, which aid in polishing the water. The protein skimmer used on this system is an ASM G3, which efficiently removes most of his organic bi-load produced by his fish and corals.

Zebrasoma desjardinii displaying its colors

Terence is an electronic genius with his own built and designed LED light system featuring three 108-watt Cree light fixtures nicely suspended above his tank. Did I say he’s an electronic genius, his light system is controlled by an apex AquaController and it’s programmed for sun up and sun set. In addition to the three Cree fixtures, he installed two 4-foot VHO super actinic fluorescent lamps.

Colorful Chalice Coral

Did I mention he’s an electronic genius; the apex AquaController also controls his DIY dosers, which operate the 5-gallon 2-part reservoirs to the Ozone (http://www.utmas.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1447).
For those interested in taking a live view of his tank here is the web address to a live feed via his web cam ( http://myreef.thruhere.net:1025/img/main.cgi?next_file=main.htm).

L to R Tony Vargas, Terence Fugazzi, Michelle Lemech, & Scott Fellman Photo by Nancy Fugazzi

Enjoy his tank I know I did.


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