Terminal Phase Sleeping Stoplight Parrotfish

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Terminal phase stoplight parrotfish under gorgonian. Sparisoma viride. Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. Unaltered/Uncontrolled. Medium Format (horizontal). Model Release: Not Applicable.Good morning all, do you remember my 10 deep-sea fish stamps from 2014? Well, I have more coming out, but this time instead of fish it will be all kinds of cool creatures, most found by our friends at the Smithsonian Institution. When I get the OK I will send them to you, but I am guessing that we will have to wait until they are officially released, stay tuned.

I have a sleeping Stoplight Parrotfish for you all today that we found late at night underneath a swaying gorgonian. If you look carefully you will notice a bunch of brown blotchy spots all over the body, those are not there during the day, only at night. “Why?” you ask? Well, it’s a way to help them blend in, making themselves darker or a kind of camouflage if you will and itworks really well. Aimee and I love to seek out as many sleeping parrotfish as we can when night diving. Our goal is try to find those that are either the most hidden or those that lay out in plain sight, they really are amazing fish and super fun to watch. MORE


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