Using state-of-the-art components and Orphek’s ability to create the exact spectrum required by photosynthetic organisms, the Amazon 960 iCon provides an extremely high transmittance and a massive coverage. While the main design goals are aimed at commercial installations, zoos, and public aquariums, it is also suitable for private aquariums.

The light is a 320W LED, IP67 waterproof, fanless, and so quiet with smart connectivity thanks to Orphek’s revolutionary 80W LED Matrix color mixing with incredible shimmering effects with reflection cup options.


  • 1000% dimming control – never before on the market! (0-100% and 0.01-1% for Lunar Cycle)!
  • Power consumption 320 watts – really powerful!
  • 320 W wide spectrum 380 nm – 700 nm
  • True 380nm UV LEDs
  • Designed to replace 400 – 600 watt metal halide systems directly
  • Plug and Play Technology – Easy parts replacement for easy and convenient light maintenance
  • Smart Connectivity – Friendly technology that works through Orphek’s awesome new app, compatible with both IOS and Android. Voice control and many more cool features
  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth – iCloud ready, 5G internet connection, high-speed response, reinforced data security
  • Waterproof IP67 rating – ruggedly built and performs in harsh environments/best quality materials and sealant solution
    protection against water and liquids Up to and including immersion in water up to one meter

IP67 indicates the highest level of protection IP rating available. This rating provides complete protection against dust and airborne particles.

  • High quality aluminum housing: glass cover waterproof connector, weather resistant surface treatment, anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-yellowing
  • Provides perfect contact between the fins and the conductive panel to ensure the best heat transfer
  • Passive cooling (no fans) – better heat dissipation
  • High quality aluminum reflector cup: 15/30/60/90
  • Sun sparkle effect (e.g. metal halide shimmer)

For more information, visit Orphek’s website HERE

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