The Best of Both Worlds

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Yin & Yang

A few of us have the good fortune of keeping multiple aquariums, but rarely do we see two of the more advanced subtypes set up side by side; The combination definitely makes for one dynamic presentation!  James’ two 20L rimless aquariums highlight the diverse disciplines and aesthetics within our hobby.   The slower-growing reef has some catching up to do to match the beauty and maturity of its planted counterpart (which is the focal point of the video*), but we have no doubt it’ll get there.

*For those interested in the rundown for the planted aquarium, James shared a summary in his video’s description:

Lighting: 4x39w T5HO ( FNI 10k, Wavepoint Tropical Sun, FNI Pink, Giesemann Midday
CO2: 3bps, 5lb Tank, Milwaukee Reg
Substrate: EcoComplete, White sand
Hardscape: Seiryu Stone, Malaysian Driftwood

Plants (Rear, Left to right): Ludwigia Tornado, Pearlweed, Ludwigia Rubin, Limno Aromatica, Rononculus Inundatus, Rotala sp Green, Stargrass
Plants (Front): Dwarf baby tears, riccia

Fish & Shirmp: Boraras Urophthalmoides, Panda Corydoras, True SAE, Ottos, Fire Red Shrimp, Blueberry Shrimp, Farlowella Cat, 2 Neon Tetra (kept because they were spawning in old tank but discus and harlequins would eat all eggs)

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