The new Mississippi Aquarium in Downtown Gulfport 

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The new Mississippi Aquarium in Downtown Gulfport

An open campus-style layout is designed to take advantage of Gulfport’s mild climate.

Beyond the unconventional layout, the Mississippi Aquarium will feature many elements aquarium-goers expect from modern public aquariums including a walk-through shark tank, touch pools, and an aviary (birds and fish always seem to go together these days).  Being in the South, there will also be freshwater gator and river exhibits.

The new Mississippi Aquarium will replace the previous Marine Life Aquarium, which was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.  It will seek AZA accreditation when it opens.  The University of Southern Mississippi and Mississippi State University are signed as aquarium partners.

The $65-80mil, 4.5-acre project is scheduled for completion in early 2019.



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