The next Advanced Aquarist book is now available: July-December 2011

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The next Advanced Aquarist book is now available: July-December 2011

Advanced Aquarist 2011 Book II, available from both CreateSpace and


Purchase it now!


The latest book, like the others, is a full-color compilation self-published through and sold on It measures 8″ x 10″, is 122 pages in length, and comprises all of the magazine’s content from July through December 2011 (minus blog posts). Mitchell Brown took the photo for the cover and it looks stunning!

To check out all the great articles in this volume, take a look at the Table of Contents (50mb pdf). The book contains great articles by Dana Riddle, Kenneth Wingerter, Sanjay Joshi, among many others.

It is currently available from our CreateSpace storefront and from for $25.95.

As always, the purchase of any of our books (or for that matter our PDFs as well) goes toward the upkeep of and helps keep this website free for everyone to read.

Support Advanced Aquarist by buying a book today!


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