The power of octopus tentacles designed into a shoe

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The power of octopus tentacles designed into a shoe

The OluKai Maliko shoe will be coming to a store near you.

The company’s name OluKai is derived from the Polynesian words Olu (meaning comfort) and Kai (meaning ocean) and in sticking with that tradition work to incorporate those two subjects into all of the shoes they produce. The Maliko shoe (pictured above and right) stick with the tradition and bring comfort to minimalistic shoe design.

Topside of the upcoming shoe.
Topside of the upcoming shoe.

The first thing that jumps out is the split-toe design of the shoe. This design idea splits the big toe from the rest of the toes and helps with dexterity and balance – two important details when walking on slippery surfaces.

Flip the shoe over and another design detail can be seen: eight suction cup tentacle patterns have been incorporated into the outsole bringing the power of the octopus tentacle into shoe design. Our octopus-loving readers should enjoy that design feature.

According to the company, this shoe should be ideal for surfing, cliff-diving, boating, or walking on the beach. They will come in both men’s and women’s versions and will be available for approximately $100 in the upcoming weeks.

(via GizMag)


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