The Rose-Magenta Skunk Clownfish

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The Rose-Magenta Skunk Clownfish

The Rose-Magenta Skunk Clownfish, now available through

Via  Skunk Clownfish (Amphiprion perideraion) usually come in shades of pale pinkish orange, but the Rose-Magenta Skunk Clownfish are a rich shade of rosy reddish pink.  According to iBluewater‘s description, the edges of the Rose-Magenta Skunk’s dorsal fin and caudal fin are lined red-magenta, and their pectoral fins have a translucent magenta hue.  The white stripe running down their back is also thicker and more clearly defined than that of regular Skunk Clownfish.

The number of Clownfish pigment variants seem infinite.  A.ocellaris and A.percula were the first two popular “designer bred” species, spawning generations of exotic captive-bred clownfish variants such as the Picasso and Black Snowflake Clownfish .  A.clarkii captive breeding is also picking up steam, resulting in such variants as the Blue-Spotted Picasso Clarkii.  With exotic Skunk Clownfish like this pair, A.perideraion may be next.

Speaking of Skunk Clownfish: Last month, Kenneth Wingerter wrote about the Clarkii Complex of Clownfish for Advanced Aquarist Magazine.  Check back later this week for his new article titled “An Overview of Clownfish of the Skunk Complex.”

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