After combing through the box of products Fauna Marin sent me to test and write about, I picked two very similar things to be featured in this article. One is called Ocean Plankton, and the other is Arctic Plankton.
Ocean Plankton and Arctic Plankton are liquid coral and fish food that can be used as a standalone food source for occasional feeding or an additive to the aquarist’s preferred food mix. They contain only natural ingredients and require refrigeration after opening. The company says the natural enzymes and fatty acids both foods contain prolong its shelf life and with proper storage (keeping it in the coldest section of the refrigerator), they stay fresh for weeks. Ocean Plankton is made of three ingredients- copepods of the species Calanus finmarchicus (known for their distinctive red coloration), water, and added antioxidants. The Calanus is harvested exclusively from a location in the North Atlantic and is processed immediately after collection. A 250ml bottle of the product contains thousands of these little critters, suspended in a water solution. It comes out of the container in a gooey pulp, almost like a frozen food that has been left for long enough to completely thaw. It’s very easy to mix with other foods and I personally think that’s the best way to use this product. Arctic Plankton shares the same number of ingredients, the only difference being that an arctic species of Mysis shrimp, Mysis relicta goes in place of Calanus. These freshwater shrimp are collected in postglacial lakes in Canada and again, processed right after harvest.  This food contains much larger chunks as compared to Ocean Plankton and can serve more as a standalone food and a quick alternative to frozen food for those days we get lazy with the whole thawing process. What do I think about Ocean Plankton and Arctic Plankton? Both are great; my fish and some of my corals go crazy for the food. The Calanus in Ocean Plankton is a favorite for my trio of Lyretail Anthias, and it is a treat to watch them as they exhibit their natural behavior of constantly hunting for plankton suspended in open water. A drop of Arctic Plankton kicks off a more traditional “feeding frenzy” response in my fish. Take a look:

I feel obligated to mention that Fauna Marin products are more expensive than others in the same category, but I also understand why some of you folks are willing to pay extra for this German company’s stuff. These products just work. Not all of them bring something utterly new to the market, but all of them seem to deliver on their promises. These two foods, while not being particularly unique in their category, bring quality to the table. Fauna Marin Ocean Plankton and Arctic Plankton get my fishes’ seal of approval. Check these foods out, they’re really good stuff.

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