Things people do for their fishes: 2016 edition

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Things people do for their fishes: 2016 edition

Photo by Lehigh Valley Veterinary Dermatology/Facebook

Meet Mr. Hot Wing.  This goldfish was born without a lower jawbone.  Without this bone, a fish can not fully open its mouth, which is a big problem when it comes to eating foods and pumping fresh water to the gills. There is a good reason why goldfish constantly open and close their mouth!

So his owner brings him to Lehigh Valley Veterinary Dermatology (Allenton, Pennsylvania).  There, veteranrian Brian Palmeiro decided to fabricate and surgically install a jaw brace for Mr. Hot Wing to prop his mouth open.  The entire procedure costs $150 USD … for a $1 fish, mind you.

Sure, Mr. Hot Wing looks a bit weird now.  But hey, it’s better than suffocating and starving.

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