The world's most awesomest garden eel aquarium?

One eel, two eel, three eel … uh … I give up.

Sumida Aquarium is home to many awe-inspiring exhibits such as Takashi Amano’s massive nature aquariums we blogged about last year. Reef lovers needn’t be jealous; Sumida is also home to some spectacular tropical exhibits like this absolutely giant garden eel tank:

The words you’re searching for are: HOLY MOLY!

Want to see more of this exhibit?  Between 9:00 AM JST, November 1 and 9:00 PM JST November 3, 2013, Nico Nico Live will broadcast a live webcast of this exhibit.

To learn more about garden eels and their husbandry, read Raul Roman’s very thorough Advanced Aquarist article.

[via RocketNews24]

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