There Are Only Two Days Left To Enter The Book Give-Away!

Book cover.

Well folks, we’ve had a lot of people commenting (53 as of this moment) in order to enter to win our book give-away that we started at the end of March. As a reminder, you have until midnight (PST), April 15, to enter the contest and to enter all you have to do is to head over to the announcement post and add a comment at the end of the article after logging into Disqus with your Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, OpenID, or Disqus ID.  Your comment will not count if you are not logged in using one of these methods.

In addition, if you’d like to purchase copies of our older print editions, check out our book store highlighting our books from 2006 onwards. Purchasing Advanced Aquarist books is a great way to have a permanent copy of our articles. All revenue from book sales goes back into this website, keeping the quality content free for everyone to read.

Head over to the announcement post and add a logged-in comment!

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