Thinking about buying a new skimmer? Take a look at these mods first!

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Thinking about selling/replacing your old skimmer? Are all the bells and whistles of new tech enticing you to make that plunge? You may not want to do that just yet.

Take a look at this video and see if these mods can help you save some money and maybe change your mind on that new purchase!

Upgrades that are listed on the video. (Hyperlinked)

Autoaqua Smart Skimmer Security

Hydros Skimmer Sensor 

Slide Loc SPA (Skimmer Performance Adaptor) 

Avast Marine Works – Swabbie (Skimmer neck cleaner) 

Sicce PSK 1200 SDC skimmer pump

Did I miss any? Be sure to comment down below to let me know your thoughts or suggest things that I can add to this list.

Happy reefing!


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