There were a ton of new nano concepts on display in Orlando this past week, but this one was absolutely cool enough for a second look.  The Bio Bubble is an expandable line of tanks, mostly for reptiles and birds, but they did have an aquarium model on display that was pretty interesting to look at.  This is basically a half-globe aquarium with integrated carbon/mesh filter and a small LED system for illumination.  Right, so how the hell are you supposed to clean it or do ANY sort of maintenance?  The Bio Bubble has a hidden accordion-like expander at it’s base that allows you to manually increase the height of the tank in one simple movement.  Once the system is expanded, the clear dome comes right off allowing you to do water changes, replace the filter, and add livestock.  You probably will want some larger substrate as the movement of the sides will swirl the water around a little bit, but from their display, you can definitely create a cool little desk tank with this thing.  Check them out at  You can see how the unit transforms right here.

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