Howard has a personal video blog (  where you can see more of his numerous and very creative marine aquariums such as his other zoa, shroom, and LPS “TMC” tank seen below.  Howard’s passion for reefkeeping is undeniable.  Great work, Howard!

Howard's TMC reef tank
Howard’s TMC reef tank

Fish stock:
– Acanthurus leucosternon
– Acanthurus olivaceus
– Zebrasoma flavescens
– 2 x Zebrasoma xanthurum
– 2 x Ampiphrion melanopus “Pacific Fire”
– Halichoeres marginatus
– 2 x Pseudocheilinus hexataenia
– Pictichromis diadema
– Manonichthys splendens
– 2 x Amblyglyphidodon aureus
– Escenius stigmatura
– Choerodon fasciatus (juvenile)
– 3 x Amblycirrhitus pinos

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