ThomasVisionReef visits Seth Miller’s incredible 180 gallon reef aquarium

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If you’re anything like us, you have an insatiable appetite for aquarium-related media to read, view, and listen.  ThomasVisionReef is a relatively new youtube video channel hosted by Thomas Brown. We asked Brown to share a little bit about himself and the story behind ThomasVisionReef.

I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Fine Arts with a focus in Film Directing, TV Production, Screen writing and journalism. After years of working in the corporate arena I decided to pursue my passion in film making. I was always taught to film what you love and I love the aquarium hobby so I thought why not put my passion for the aquarium hobby and film making together.

The main focus of my youtube channel is to help give exposure to businesses/products in the aquarium hobby that hobbyist may not have found on their own (as advertising is expensive and a lot of LFS and aquarium business just don’t have the budget big enough for big advertising campaigns). So I film them free of charge and upload the videos to my channel. However, I do not want my channel to only bring news; I also like to make videos relevant to the aquarium hobby that are just for pure entertainment. I believe all of these things set me apart from the other aquarium-related youtubers out there.

Lastly, I am not nor do I try to be a self proclaimed expert in the hobby telling my viewers what and what not to do. I like to find experts in the hobby and interview them for their advice and expertise. Basically, I’m the youtube aquarium hobby reporter.

We share ThomasVisionReef’s three-part video series about Seth Miller’s amazing 180 gallon reef aquarium.

Introducing Seth and his beautiful 180 gallon reef tank

Extended footage of Seth’s reef (100% aquarium video)

And finally Seth’s reef tank equipment tour


We know our readers would ask for details about Seth’s reef tank.  Thomas Brown was kind enough to supply us with the full system rundown.

180 US gallon SPS-dominant reef display with Starphire front.
100 US gallon sump (filled with 60g)
30 US gallon frag tank
30 US gallon Refugium

apex Controller

3x 250w SE 20K Radiums, LumenMax Elite Reflectors
4x Ecoxotic Panorama LED Modules – Actinic Blue
2x 24w T5 – Actinic Blue 
1 Kessil A150W 15K

2 vortech MP40s 
1″ SeaSwirl on center return
3/4″ SeaSwirl on CL 1262 Eheim
Dart return pump

180lbs Live Rock in display, 30lbs in sump
H&S A200-1260 Skimmer
BRS Carbon & GFO filters 
200 micron filter sock

Calcuim/Alkalinity :
Geo Calcium Reactor w/ 2nd Chamber 
Geo Kalk Reactor

tunze Osmolator, on a split connected to 2 soleniods (1 to RODI water, 1 to Kalk Reactor).

Temp: 78.0-79.5 Fahrenheit
pH: 8.15-8.25
Ca: 430-445 ppm
Alk: 8.5-9dKH
Mag: ~1400 ppm
NO3: 0.25 ppm
PO4: 0.01-0.03 ppm


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