Three Amazing Anemones From the Cold UK Seas

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anemoneOver the years I’ve written a few posts about how the cold and often stormy seas of my native land can be every bit as rich as far flung exotic locations.  In my opinion, the cold UK seas host countless species of animals that rival the beauty of their tropical relatives.  Of all the animals I’ve photographed in UK waters, I think the anemones are some of the finest, and here are three of the best.

The Plumose Anemone (Metridium senile)

With a characteristic feathery appearance the plumose anemone prefers areas of strong water movement and specializes in capturing small prey items.  They vary in appearance and may be orange, green or brown, though in my experience they are usually white.


Sagartid Anemone (Sagartia elegans)

Also known as the Elegant Anemone, this is quite a stunner.  At around five centimeters across, they can cover a rock wall in their hundreds, often showing a lot of color variation. (see main image)


Look closely at this image and you’ll see a wealth of encrusting species from tunicates to hydrozoans

Dahlia Anemone (Urtica felina)

My final ‘nem is a larger specimen (up to twenty centimeters across), and one that can be really attractive, especially the red and violet hued specimens.  These anemones are often seen on their own, though on occasion you can find them in groups, often on sandy bottoms.  Dahlias are reportedly voracious predators which are capable of feeding on fish such as gobies.



a white version of the Dahlia


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