Tidal Gardens SPS Show Tank! Episode 2 – Aquascape

by | Jul 26, 2020 | Tanks, Video | 0 comments

I’m certain it is lost on no one that I’ve been procrastinating on this SPS show tank build. What we wanted to try was a technique I saw online where an aquascape could be made using super glue and sand. This guy was tossing sand or finely crushed rock powder in the gap between rocks and then using a little bit of liquid super glue to solidify it. By repeating this process it would build a strong bond between the two rocks. Using this method he created some really cool aquascapes. My first thought was that this would be a major pain but boy was I wrong. THIS IS AWESOME! Once we are happy building out the structures, I plan to soak them in RO for a few days and then introduce them into the show tanks. Hopefully the next time you see our setup here we will have the foundation of our SPS system all done!

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