Tigger-Feast: a new, premium feed from Reef Nutrition

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Tigger-Feast: a new, premium feed from Reef Nutrition

Tigger-Feast: a new, premium feed from Reef Nutrition

Reef Nutrition (and Advanced Aquarist sponsor) just announced their latest premium feed offering this weekend. It’s called Tigger-Feast and it’s a highly concentrated mixture of Tigriopus californicus copepods for your fish, hard corals, non-photosynthetic corals, and other invertebrates.

Tigriopus californicus copepod.
Tigriopus californicus copepod.

What are Tigriopus californicus copepods? They are a copepod that is typically found on the west coast of North America ranging from Baha, California all the way up to Alaska. They are an upper-splash zone species that fares very well with temperature, pH, and salinity variations. Researchers have reported that they are found in water temperatures from 42-91 F, pH 6.9-9.5, and salinities from <1-139 psu (typical saltwater is ~35 psu).  It’s very robust.

Tigger-Feast is actually a refrigerated, not frozen, food. It ranges in size from 250-1700 microns and it has an excellent nutritional profile given that they are farm-raised on Reef Nutrition’s own Instant Algae. They contain high levels of astaxanthin (a carotenoid that makes your fish colorful) and are an excellent source of both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Expect to see this product at stores in the near future that carry your other favorite Reef Nutrition products.


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