T5s need to be swapped out for new ones at least once a year to keep the color temperature and output near what it was when new, and if it’s getting close to that time of year for you, it’s time to make this swap your last!

Orphek recently announced their new T5 LED replacement tubes! They will be releasing them soon in moonlights, actinics and daylight bulbs for that perfect color mix, and they are rumored to put out more PAR than a normal T5 lamp. Power supplies will be included, and minimal wiring is needed to get them running without even a trace of fixture modification. Sizes will include 24″, 36″, 48″ and 60″ priced at $99, $139, $169 and $199, so if it’s time for some new lamps over your reef, you might want to save a little extra to save a lot down the road.

A release date is not yet known, so check back for updates as we get them.

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