The design, called the Floating SeaHorse, features three stories of living space.  On the “main” sea-level floor is the living room and an outdoor lounge area shaped like an oversized floating chaise bed.  The upper deck features a complete wet bar and a hot tub with a spectacular topside view.

But the magic really happens on the bottom level.

Homeowners descend down the steps into their underwater master bedroom and bathroom suite.  Both bedroom and bathroom walls are fully transparent (likely glass) panels, so you can imagine the jaw-dropping aquatic scenery that awaits you when you spend your time below deck.  The bottom deck even features a 500 sq ft perimeter shelf with its own artificial reef (which will soon be colonized by real corals and reef life) as your immediate view!

Kleindienst Group will build each Floating SeaHorse to order in Dubai.  If you have $2.8 million laying around and want to own the ultimate floating vacation home, contact them now.  Kleindienst guarantees an 8% return-on-investment by partnering with Dubai’s five-star hotels and using your Floating SeaHorse as a vacation rental when not in use.  It’s actually not a bad ROI considering the low interest rates and poor market returns we’re seeing this past decade.

One foreseeable nightmare: Who will be responsible for for scrapping all that coralline?!





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