Toledo Zoo Aquarium's $25 million renovation

The historic Toledo Zoo Aquarium is getting a modern makeover. Photo by Katie Rausch/The Blade, AP

Starting this October until April, 2015, the Toledo Zoo Aquarium – founded in 1939 – will close its doors to the public as it undergoes renovation.  This marks the first ever major renovation for Toledo Zoo Aquarium.  80% of the funding will come from a 2006 Lucas County tax levy with the remainder provided by private contributions.

If the name Jay Hemdal rings a bell, there’s good reason.  Hemdal has been active in aquarist communities throughout the years and has written numerous articles for Advanced Aquarist.  We congratulate “one of our own” for this exciting development and wish Toledo Zoo Aquarium all the success.  Three years is a long time but we have no doubt it will be worth the wait!

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