Top magazine articles for 2012

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#10: Aquarium Chemistry: Effects of GFO (Granular Ferric Oxide) on ‘Trace’ Metals Concentrations in Artificial Seawater

By Dana Riddle

Granular Ferric Oxide (GFO) is popular among reef hobbyists as a means to decrease phosphate levels and subsequently algal growth in their tanks. GFO, however, can also affect other ions and compound levels as well. In this article, Dana investigates the effect that GFO has on our tanks outside of decreasing phosphate levels. Read more…

#9: Feature Aquarium: The Reef Aquarium of Tomi Wittfooth

By Tomi Wittfooth

This month’s Feature Aquarium comes to us from Finland. Tomi’s serendipitous discovery of reefkeeping has culminated in his latest 570 liter (150 US gallon) reef aquarium. While his tank is still relatively young, its vibrant beauty is undeniable. Read more…

#8: Aquarium Chemistry: An Attempt to Test Test Kits

By James Fatherree, M.Sc.

James Fatherree and Dr. David Flanigan asked hobbyists to test samples of the same water with multiple test kits. The results were interesting, with important lessons learned for both hobbyists and testing manufacturers. Read more…

#7: Feature Article: Improved husbandry of marine invertebrates using an innovative filtration technology – Part 1: DyMiCo

By Tim Wijgerde, M.Sc.

In part one of this article I will discuss the innovative filtration technology called DyMiCo (Dynamic Mineral Control) that allows aquarists to culture a rich diversity of marine organisms, especially those that rely on live plankton for their survival. Read more…

#6: Feature Aquarium: The Reef Aquarium of Eren Yelkenci

By Eren Yelkenci

For the first time, Advanced Aquarist features an aquarium from Turkey. Eren’s 290 gallon reef system exhibits some of the most amazing coral growth rates we have ever seen. In just over a year, Eren’s reef has grown from bare rock to majestic coral garden. Read more…

#5: Feature Article: Light in the Reef Aquaria

By Dmitry Karpenko, Vahe Ganapetyan

Light is one of the main life-supporting resources on our planet. Being photosynthetic, many marine invertebrates require light to live; Their symbiotic zooxanthellae need light for photosynthesis to produce sufficient nourishment both for their own use and for the host coral. Read more…

#4: Aquarium Chemistry: Phosphate And Math: Yes You Need To Understand Both

By Randy Holmes-Farley, Ph.D.

Foods are by far the most important source of phosphate in most aquariums. In considering whether sources of phosphate other than foods are important, one must carefully look to the actual amounts involved to determine whether other sources are even worth trying to minimize. Read more…

#3: Feature Article: Spectral Distributions of LEDs: AI-Sol, Radion, Orphek, EcoRay, Mvava

By Sanjay Joshi, Ph.D.

In addition to the characterization of light by its intensity and distribution, the spectral distribution is also of interest. Light sources emit light at varying amounts at different wavelengths. Spectral distribution characterizes the light output across different wavelengths of the light spectrum. Read more…

#2: Feature Aquarium: Ralf Prehn’s 870 gallon “Little Coral Reef”

By Ralf Prehn

Ralf Prehn has created a reef masterpiece. His 870 gallon display is a perfect balance of art and design, science and engineering, passion and discipline. Ralf set out to recreate a slice of natural coral reef in Hamburg, Germany. Six years in, the result of his dedication is nothing short of amazing. Read more…

#1: Feature Article: LED Lighting Tests: Radion, Orphek, Mvava, Ecoray and Ecoxotic

By Sanjay Joshi, Ph.D.

As LED lighting moves further into the mainstream, there a lot of new choices available to the aquarist. Hopefully this data will help the aquarist make an informed choice on what to expect from the individual LED fixtures and how best to utilize them to achieve the desired coverage and light intensity. Read more…


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