Tour of Kessil Lighting headquarters

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Tour of Kessil Lighting headquarters

DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc. (dba Kessil Lighting) headquarters

Matt Rogers writes: “Few aquarium LED lamps can match the current buzz of the Kessil A150 LED aquarium lamp. On the surface, a lot of it is due to rave reviews from the select individual hobbyists and local fish stores that have been testing the Kessil A150 over their aquariums. But dig a little deeper and a bigger story is the company behind the name. Kessil Lighting is a brand under the DiCon Lighting division of DiCon Fiberoptics Inc. The massive 200,000 square foot headquarters of DiCon Fiberoptics is located in Richmond, California and this 3reefer recently got a look inside.”

I don’t want to steal 3reef’s thunder, so head on over to Kessil Lighting – A look inside the company behind the Kessil LED A150 to read a lot more about Kessil and their A150.

Some juicy tidbits to whet your appetite:

  • Kessil performs on-site R&D and testing at their California facility.
  • The first 300 units of A150 pendants sold out.  The next batch of 3,000 will be available end of June/early July.
  • The A150 will come in five (not three) color temperature options: 3000K, 6700K Amazon Sun, 10000K Sky Blue, 15000K Ocean Blue, 20000K Deep Ocean


And here are a few photos from Matt’s tour:

The machine shop at DiCon Fiberoptics
The machine shop at DiCon Fiberoptics

Kessil test booths
Kessil test booths

The newly introduced Kessil A150W
The newly introduced Kessil A150W

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