These brand new glass magnet cleaners from Tunze, the Tunze 220.010 and 220.015, are as gorgeous as they are practical.

I first saw these magnets at the Interzoo fair in Nuremberg this year, and now I finally have both the smaller Tunze Care Magnet 220.010 and the bigger Tunze Care Magnet 220.015 in hand to review.

Both magnet cleaners come with a small plastic blade, and the larger magnet also comes with a double blade (one longer and one shorter), giving different pressure and cleaning results.  The magnet is kept 3 mm from the glass to avoid scratching.

The larger model also comes with a metallic blade, which is easily interchangeable with the plastic one, and provides an even stronger tool for algae removal.


The very thin profile of these new cleaners is incredible; I can clean inside my aquarium without breaking or knocking over anything.There are, however, some magnets out there smaller than these, such as this offering from Vertex: (Vertex pics )


The only two complaints that I have about this new Care Magnet are that I don’t like the small circular felt pieces – they fulfill their duty, but they’re bit ugly, and that they don’t float. You have to pay attention not to drop them in your tank, but besides that, I like this product very much!

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