Tunze USA debuts 6155 Stream Pumps

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Tunze is a company known for perpetual product development.  Last month, Tunze announced significant changes to their Stream 6105 models.  This weekend, Tunze USA demonstrated to Advanced Aquarist their new Stream 6155 pumps at RAP 2011.  Some key features and specifications:

  • The 6155 is a fully controllable pump.
  • The pump is rated for 4,000-15,000lph (1,057-3,963gph)
  • For aquariums > 3,000 litres (792 gallons)
  • Max power consumption is 54 watts
  • The 6155 comes with a magnet holder capable of 27mm (1″) glass.


The 6155 will replace the 6205 model.  The 6305 is also being discontinued and will be replaced by an even more powerful model with over 6,000gph of flow and higher velocities at greater distances.  Essentially, the 6155 is designed to meet the needs of current 6205 and 6305 users, and the 6305 replacement will fill a new market segment.

The key changes


The 6155 features a front housing more like the 6305 than the 6205 in order to improve flow output.  Notice the more widely spaced grills and the wide nozzle.

The 6155’s major design change is the fixed impeller shaft and slightly longer but slimmer impeller.  The fixed impeller shaft helps reduce vibrational noise and accidental misalignment while the new impeller increases rotational speed and thus increases flow output.


The retail box shows the 6155 can operate between 12 and 24 volts like the new generation 6105.  As current Stream owners already know, users are able to swap out the jumper on their power supply to increase or decrease their Stream’s maximum output.  Higher voltage jumpers increase maximum flow rates but will naturally consume more power and increase noise levels.

Availability and Price

The Stream 6155 is anticipated to ship towards the end of November 2011.

Retail price should be about $550, roughly the same as the current 6205 and much less than the 6305.

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