Ultra Reef Introduces Akula UKS-200 DC Conversion Kit

by | Aug 18, 2022 | Equipment | 0 comments

Ultra Reef Recently Introduced the DC Conversion Kit for their largest Akula class AC skimmer; the Akula UKS-200. Traditionally all of the Akula skimmers have used AC pumps (AKA set it and forget type pumps) but some hobbyists just want more controllability and connectivity. With that said, Ultra Reef decided to offer a DC upgrade option utilizing the newer Sicce PSK DC1200 pump with WiFi connectivity. But there is a caveat. According to Ultra Reef’s Facebook page, this offer was only valid for a special price during the month of June and the upgrade was only available though Ultra Reef in Italy. But all is not lost for those that want to convert their UKS-200 to this model pump. MORE


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