Unboxing and quick review of Vertex’s new magnet products

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Last month, Vertex Aquaristik (makers of high-end protein skimmers, LED lighting, and calcium reactors) started shipping their latest product line comprised of three magnetic aquarium accessories: two cleaner magnets and a probe holder.  (Read more about these products)

Advanced Aquarist received retail samples; Here are unboxing photos and our short reviews of Vertex’s new magnetic accessories.

First up is the Vertex Sensor-Mag Titanium. This product is designed to hold up to three probes to your sump or aquarium glass/acrylic wall using three strong magnets per side.  In fact, the magnets were impressively strong and more than capable of affixing the probe holder on walls as thick as 1/2″ without twisting.



We found the 13mm/0.5″ diameter circular probe holes snug but able to accommodate popular probes available to hobbyists such as Pinpoint. The titanium screw-downs worked as expected and were smooth to operate.  If you’re using Pinpoint probes, you can even opt to remove the screws entirely because the holes are a near perfect fit for these probes (the top black “cap” of the probe is larger in diameter than the hole and will prevent the probe from slipping all the way through).

For under $25, the Vertex Sensor-Mag Titanium represents a very attractive accessory from both a price and visual point of view.


Next up are Vertex’s two new magnet cleaners, the Cleaner-Mag Simplex and Cleaner-Mag Duplex.  These small magnets are designed for small aquariums and are extremely well made and attractive, reminding us of aquarium jewelry.

The magnets are impressively strong despite their small sizes.  They held very firmly yet glided smoothly when used on 1/8 and 3/16″ glass or acrylic commonly found on small aquariums.  Both magnets had enough power to provide a solid grip on walls as thick as 1/4″ thick, with the Duplex’s dual magnets naturally being the stronger of the two magnet cleaners.  We were able to “jump” corners with no problems, although it should be noted the wet half will sink if separated.

We found the Simplex’s cleaning surface too small for practical application in anything but ‘pico’ aquariums (<5 gallon), while the larger Duplex is a much more capable cleaner magnet that should tackle the job for tanks up to 20 gallons.  The magnet is strong enough to clean much larger tanks but the cleaning surface is the limiting factor.


Here are the two magnets alongside a ball point pen for size comparison.


Overall, Vertex’s new magnetic aquarium accessories are produced (and packaged) with the fit and finish aquarists have come to expect from this high-end German manufacturer.    The Sensor-Mag Titanium greatly impressed us with its functionality and form; It is arguably the most attractive probe holder on the market and one of the most affordable too.  The cleaner magnets may not be the most cost effective or practical algae magnets available (especially the Simplex model), but it’s hard to deny their sex appeal.

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