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The World Aquarium, a nonprofit facility, has passed a re-inspection as of Friday and will remain open. This good news comes after the Aquarium was cited with a plethora of rather egregious violations last month that one would not equate with standard of care expected at a public aquarium. The alleged violations included contaminated water, empty fed bowls, and general lack of cleanliness. The Aquarium is currently located inside downtown’s popular City Museum, and the aquarium has stated they will stay open and in business at least until Labor Day. Rick Erwin, the executive director of the City Museum, had previously stated that he asked the Aquarium to vacate, citing unpaid rent. On Saturday, after hearing the news that the Aquarium would stay open, Erwin stated: “If they passed their inspections, great. We’re happy for the animals. That’s the most important thing.” However he also said the aquarium would not remain in its current location. World Aquarium President Leonard Sonnenschein stated that the violations were purely due to timing of the inspection, with the inspector coming right before the weekly deep clean. He also said the Aquarium would be moving, and they would be considering space downtown, in north St. Louis County and in St. Charles.

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